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Preventive services or preventive care are those services offered by your primary care doctor, which consists of measures taken for disease prevention. A preventive care visit is a prevention-focused visit with your primary care physician intended to prevent illnesses and detect health concerns early. This is different from a regular office visit, which is a problem-focused appointment to discuss new or existing health problems or symptoms.

Most health plans cover a yearly preventive visit, check with your insurance. During your wellness exam some of the services provided are as follows:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Diabetes screening
  • Cholesterol screening
  • HPV and STD screening
  • Depression screening
  • Well women exams (PAP smear and breast exam)
  • Mammogram referral
  • Vaccinations/immunizations
  • Counseling for smoking, weight loss, alcohol use
  • Cancer screening

Screening test: test to detect potential health disorder or disease in people who do not have any symptoms of the disease. The goal is early detection, lifestyle changes to reduce risk of disease. Some of these tests include mammogram, PAP, colonoscopy, LDCT (low dose CT scan in asymptomatic smoker patient) , among others.

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We offer other services such as students, sports, and camp physicals. Some insurances do not covered these services; please check with your insurance prior to your visit. You may be required to bring your immunization record from your pediatrician or prior physician. Check with your institution for the necessary forms needed to be filled out by our doctor.

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